Dear LJ Genie: Rock Band!

snarkyshark2 and I need your advice on obtaining Rock Band (2?). The most advanced gaming system we own is a Playstation 1 (yes, 1!), so we need to get that, as well. What is the cheapest and best way to go?

We definitely want the ability to download music. A similar game that could do this (like Guitar Hero World Tour?) would be fine. Also, we're interested in perks these game systems have (e.g. Blue Ray player), though that's not the most important thing.

I've heard that the 3 platforms that support Rock Band are the X-Box, PS3, and Wii. I heard the X-Box is the cheapest, but we need a hard drive to download songs, and a Wii is cheaper than an X-Box with a hard drive.

Do we want Rock Band 1 or 2? Also, is there some deal on getting 2 guitars, a drum, and a mic?

Boston and Rand Camp

Item the first: snarkyshark2 and I are going to Boston soon! We'll be there from Thursday the 19th to Sunday the 22nd. Details...Collapse )

Item the second: I'll be speaking at the alternate Rand Camp: Free Minds '09. My talk is "Objectivist Starter Kit":

The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged present a tremendously uplifting vision of life. This vision transforms and improves the lives of readers, especially young adults, but errors and misunderstandings can lead young objectivists to make the same handful of mistakes: repressing pain, rationalizing emotions, and berating themselves when they don't measure up to John Galt.

Scott Schneider will discuss his own experiences in making these mistakes, working through them, and an "Objectivist Starter Kit" that rounds out Rand's Objectivism.

I nerd, therefore I am

Hey, blogosphere, I still exist! The following post testifies that posting meaningful information on my life vs not posting is a false dichotomy. (And 99% of LJ backs me up.)

I started running a D&D campaign back in February. It has been a lot of fun, so far. I think I DM well, but slowly.

Here is a log of the most recent adventure, which one might argue is somewhat amusing. On request, I can elaborate on the players' foibles and my own masterful storytelling.

7/23 Elzac, Grokk, Maartin, Viconus -- Began the quest to quell the goblin nuisance. Deciphered goblin graffiti and captured and interrogated a goblin.

7/30 Bull (late), Elzac, Maartin, Viconus -- The aforementioned goblin was eaten by a bear. A prophecy led the players to Orak's bathhouse, where they (especially the charming Viconus) questioned Orak and fought some wererats.

8/13 Bull (I think), Elzac, Grokk, Quincy, Tarsis -- Introduced Tarsis to the group via skillful role-playing. Tied up Orak and descended into the dungeon, killing a few dozen goblins in their barracks.

9/2 Elzac, Maartin, Tarsis, Viconus -- Spied out and dispatched a goblin ambush.

9/16 Bull, Elzac, Maartin, Tarsis, Viconus -- Killed the tiefling Kellev and captured her silver-tongued ally, who somehow escaped interrogation.

9/23 Bull, Elzac, Maartin, Neeka, Viconus (late) -- Neeka's introduction. Walked into the same ambush and ran into Drakthar (almost literally).

10/2 Bull, Elzac, Maartin, Neeka, Tarsis, Viconus (late) -- Killed some bats and an evil chair.

10/8 Bull, Elzac, Neeka, Tarsis, Viconus -- Vanquished Drakthar! Tarsis joined the choir invisible. Some 1st-level commoners drank Elzac and Bull under the table.

Voice Post: New Friend!

109K 0:33
“Wow, he's so cute and he's goin' crazy! AAAAHHHHH! I'm here in the car with the car running and the A/C on, spending some quality time with my new guy while the suckers go to the aquarium. AAAAHA! I've got this guy all to myself and wow, is he energetic! He's really excited to be outside of that pet shop, and he's REALLY REALLY HYPER. Um, yeah, he's trying to eat through my sweatshirt. AH he's so cute!”

Transcribed by: electricia

C's first weekend in LA

Howdy, Internets! It has been a while. I haven't decided to start posting regularly, but I thought I'd post about this weekend.

snarkyshark2 moved down to LA a few weeks ago, semi-permanently (permanently until grad school). It's totally wonderful having her here with me, after 2.5 years. We've been looking forward to this for a long time!

As our first weekend was spent in San Diego, this last weekend was the first we had in LA. Things we did!Collapse )

I can't really describe how nice it is to have all this time to spend with C. Walking around the beach, commenting on all the canine accessories in need of keeking, just having lots of time to talk and do things together, is really wonderful. The transition from LDR to living together has been very smooth, mostly due to our preparations and discussion of expectations. Things come up, and we expect that and talk about them, so they are never more than minor and are quickly resolved. C is settling into the apartment that is her home, and I'm really happy!

Dear LJ Genie...

1. What should snarkyshark2 and I do in San Francisco this weekend? We will go up for a day, probably Sunday. We have been to the SF bay aquarium and Ripley's Odditorium. We also have a favorite Chinatown restaurant that we will certainly hit (the New Loey Goey Hoey -- way better than the old one), though other suggestions there are welcome. Any other ideas?

2. I am the most romantic man in the history of the Universe!!!

Dear LJ Genie: going to SD / Dodgers traffic

1) snarkyshark2 and I borrowed a bunch of camping stuff from her folks in SD, and we want to get it back to them. Is anyone driving from LA to SD in the near future who could take this stuff?

2) Does anyone know how bad Dodgers traffic generally is? I need to get to downtown (but not to the game) at 6:30pm on Thursday, and there is a game at 7:10pm. I also need to get there at 2pm on Sunday, and there is a 1:10pm game.

snarkyshark2 and I went to Yellowstone and the Badlands a few weeks ago. Understatement: It was great! Maybe I'll post about it.

I shipped snarkyshark2 up to Santa Cruz last weekend. Having her around all summer was wonderful, and I'm going to miss her. I won't miss waking up at 6am, though (and neither will she). I look forward to December and next April, when she comes back, and we get a jeepicopter with limited, 1-hour time travel to ameliorate her work commute and early start time.

Her landlady is crazy and C gave 30 days' notice 1 day after moving in. With luck, she'll find another place that is good.

I'm going to Orlando for a Symantec conference next week. I'm presenting on a cool hash table I made. I'm also going to have my name on a patent application. woo! I'm working on a cool project... maybe I'll say more about work in a protected entry at some point.

Uh... tired! 8pm is not the time to start driving from Santa Cruz to LA. This is good, and crazy. I'm not sure how it plays with >2 people. I need to not read HP5 right before bed. Can I borrow HP6 from someone?
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