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Dear LJ Genie: going to SD / Dodgers traffic

1) snarkyshark2 and I borrowed a bunch of camping stuff from her folks in SD, and we want to get it back to them. Is anyone driving from LA to SD in the near future who could take this stuff?

2) Does anyone know how bad Dodgers traffic generally is? I need to get to downtown (but not to the game) at 6:30pm on Thursday, and there is a game at 7:10pm. I also need to get there at 2pm on Sunday, and there is a 1:10pm game.

snarkyshark2 and I went to Yellowstone and the Badlands a few weeks ago. Understatement: It was great! Maybe I'll post about it.

I shipped snarkyshark2 up to Santa Cruz last weekend. Having her around all summer was wonderful, and I'm going to miss her. I won't miss waking up at 6am, though (and neither will she). I look forward to December and next April, when she comes back, and we get a jeepicopter with limited, 1-hour time travel to ameliorate her work commute and early start time.

Her landlady is crazy and C gave 30 days' notice 1 day after moving in. With luck, she'll find another place that is good.

I'm going to Orlando for a Symantec conference next week. I'm presenting on a cool hash table I made. I'm also going to have my name on a patent application. woo! I'm working on a cool project... maybe I'll say more about work in a protected entry at some point.

Uh... tired! 8pm is not the time to start driving from Santa Cruz to LA. This is good, and crazy. I'm not sure how it plays with >2 people. I need to not read HP5 right before bed. Can I borrow HP6 from someone?
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