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The octagenarian, bionic pirate who rely likes sex

C's first weekend in LA

Howdy, Internets! It has been a while. I haven't decided to start posting regularly, but I thought I'd post about this weekend.

snarkyshark2 moved down to LA a few weeks ago, semi-permanently (permanently until grad school). It's totally wonderful having her here with me, after 2.5 years. We've been looking forward to this for a long time!

As our first weekend was spent in San Diego, this last weekend was the first we had in LA. Let's start with:

  • Thursday- We had dinner with my parents at Shalimar, an awesome Indian restaurant in Woodland Hills. The food was delicious, and the conversation was fun. I hooked my parents on board games about a year ago (or at least my dad), so we played some Nuke War. (It was too late for my parents to be Domed!) C and my mom wound up nuking each other into oblivion. Good times!

  • Friday- In-N-Out for dinner. Yum! C's friend had been having a rough time teaching at an LA inner city elementary school. We cheered him up with some NES and Office Space. He is a good guy, really funny and normally upbeat, but those kids are demons! He had just quit, and watching Office Space is an-after-the-last-day-on-the-job ritual for me. I hope we cheered him up a bit.

  • Saturday- We strolled down to the Promenade, had lunch, and shopped for fish books. Living in Santa Monica is great! We then hurried back home so that we could get to Body Worlds 3 on time. We didn't, but they were open much later than we thought. Body Worlds was really neat and freakin' weird -- a bizarre blend of art and science, to please both the schoolboy and the serial murderer. The most amazing thing was the plastinated arterial systems! They were able to expose just the arteries (and capillaries, I think) by eliminating other tissue, showing you where there was the most blood flow. The plastinated cranial artery system was cool: it was really dense at the lips, and you could see the separate networks for the scalp and the brain, with a space in between.

    We had In-N-Out for dinner. Yum! Then, I went to get some social/geek time while C looked up physics things or played the banjo or something. I played Power Grid with burntbythesun02, skanthan, and moosh21b, and OBLITERATED THEM!!!

  • Sunday- We woke up early for hike the geek, where it was just us, the Baron, and occasional hikers (as if I would know) Julia and Eva. Temescal Canyon was beautiful, and the Baron regaled us with his insights into furniture design and accentology. At lunch, he said something about wanting to live in an objectivist-run semi-socialist utopia. I was confused.

    C and I hit the rings. They were super crowded, so I went a couple times and then we left. We went shopping at Target to sate C's nesting drive, and then got some banjo items at the Guitar Center. C was unable to find sufficiently crazy picks, so I suggested that a Lo Pan costume might work.

    We had In-N-Out for dinner. Yum! Then, I gave C a physics lesson. woo hoo!!! Oh yeah, I taught her all about oscillation and harmonic motion! Let's see that sine wave! Baby, I got your second derivative right here! We finished up just in time for Breaking Bad, which continues to be an awesome show.

I can't really describe how nice it is to have all this time to spend with C. Walking around the beach, commenting on all the canine accessories in need of keeking, just having lots of time to talk and do things together, is really wonderful. The transition from LDR to living together has been very smooth, mostly due to our preparations and discussion of expectations. Things come up, and we expect that and talk about them, so they are never more than minor and are quickly resolved. C is settling into the apartment that is her home, and I'm really happy!
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