The octagenarian, bionic pirate who rely likes sex (scottsch) wrote,
The octagenarian, bionic pirate who rely likes sex

I nerd, therefore I am

Hey, blogosphere, I still exist! The following post testifies that posting meaningful information on my life vs not posting is a false dichotomy. (And 99% of LJ backs me up.)

I started running a D&D campaign back in February. It has been a lot of fun, so far. I think I DM well, but slowly.

Here is a log of the most recent adventure, which one might argue is somewhat amusing. On request, I can elaborate on the players' foibles and my own masterful storytelling.

7/23 Elzac, Grokk, Maartin, Viconus -- Began the quest to quell the goblin nuisance. Deciphered goblin graffiti and captured and interrogated a goblin.

7/30 Bull (late), Elzac, Maartin, Viconus -- The aforementioned goblin was eaten by a bear. A prophecy led the players to Orak's bathhouse, where they (especially the charming Viconus) questioned Orak and fought some wererats.

8/13 Bull (I think), Elzac, Grokk, Quincy, Tarsis -- Introduced Tarsis to the group via skillful role-playing. Tied up Orak and descended into the dungeon, killing a few dozen goblins in their barracks.

9/2 Elzac, Maartin, Tarsis, Viconus -- Spied out and dispatched a goblin ambush.

9/16 Bull, Elzac, Maartin, Tarsis, Viconus -- Killed the tiefling Kellev and captured her silver-tongued ally, who somehow escaped interrogation.

9/23 Bull, Elzac, Maartin, Neeka, Viconus (late) -- Neeka's introduction. Walked into the same ambush and ran into Drakthar (almost literally).

10/2 Bull, Elzac, Maartin, Neeka, Tarsis, Viconus (late) -- Killed some bats and an evil chair.

10/8 Bull, Elzac, Neeka, Tarsis, Viconus -- Vanquished Drakthar! Tarsis joined the choir invisible. Some 1st-level commoners drank Elzac and Bull under the table.
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