The octagenarian, bionic pirate who rely likes sex (scottsch) wrote,
The octagenarian, bionic pirate who rely likes sex

Boston and Rand Camp

Item the first: snarkyshark2 and I are going to Boston soon! We'll be there from Thursday the 19th to Sunday the 22nd. Spotticus Maxicus and frauhedghog will be our gracious hosts. Our schedule is:

  • Thursday- Hang out in NH.
  • Friday- To Boston to the New England aquarium and then Swing City! We'd be happy for folks to join us at either. I would call for a group dinner, but I'm not sure if that would mean setting a tight schedule.
  • Saturday- Secular seder! Let me know if you haven't gotten an invitation in, um, a few days.
  • Sunday- Hanging out and heading home.
I look forward to seeing all you Boston peeps!

Item the second: I'll be speaking at the alternate Rand Camp: Free Minds '09. My talk is "Objectivist Starter Kit":

The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged present a tremendously uplifting vision of life. This vision transforms and improves the lives of readers, especially young adults, but errors and misunderstandings can lead young objectivists to make the same handful of mistakes: repressing pain, rationalizing emotions, and berating themselves when they don't measure up to John Galt.

Scott Schneider will discuss his own experiences in making these mistakes, working through them, and an "Objectivist Starter Kit" that rounds out Rand's Objectivism.
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