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Dear LJ Genie,

scottsch and I will be out of town starting from Sept. 7th and going through the 16th. We have this adorable pet who needs a little TLC while we're gone. His name is Kronos, and he likes to eat, drink and sleep. He's a good pet for anyone who doesn't have canines or felinoids, as they would probably enjoy a rare lobster-like dinner.

His requirements are water and food every day. He will eat your table scraps gladly! (He also has crab cakes, in case you don't have left-overs).

He's a lot of fun to watch run around, and he is a very gentle little (big) crab. I've never been pinched, and I handle him quite a bit!

Anyone who wants a crab for a couple of weeks will be rewarded with a crusty pal and some other form of compensation (money, dinner of crab-legs, sexual favors, etc.). Thanks!

If you click on the picture, you can see a higher res version that shows how happy Kronos is while he's pigging out!

Question/PSA: Goodreads

A friend invited me to this book blogging site, so I started to sign up. Step 2 is to give your hotmail/yahoo/gmail username and password so that it can invite your friends. And that particular page is not secure. (The browser doesn't have a lock icon in the lower right. Though it's possible that submitting that information goes to a secure page.) Sketchy!

Does anyone know if this website is alright? When you submit your username and password, is the next page secure? Why the heck does it need that?

[EDIT] jhonen_red says the page is insecure, so don't give it your password.

Anyone need a roommate?

An awesome guy friend of mine (jkirzner) is looking for an apartment and/or roommate in or near West Hollywood. Does anyone have leads on either? If someone else is also looking for an apartment, perhaps the two of you could move into the WeHo building with Paul, Lisette, Troy, Brian, and Lindsay.

Other people with bigger LJ friend lists should repost this.

Rand Camp!

Who is going this year? I am having trouble being enthusiastic for this year, because of my abandoned interest in contributing as a lecturer and because attendance last year was so low. I know that I'd have a good time... but also, it means a week away from snarkyshark2 (who would be in my apartment!), as well as a week of vacation time I can't spend with her.

Dear LJ Genie: Please make me a userpic

I would like a userpic of someone being attacked by a monster and saying, "Help! I'm stressed because the stress monster is attacking me!" In the userpic in my head, the monster looks like the mascot, but less goofy. It is threatening to attack, and says, "I am scary!"

Rush in LA!!!

Hey! Rush is playing in LA on 7/25! Who wants to go with Corlis and me? Respond soon, because I want to buy tickets tomorrow (Sunday) morning, when they go on sale. Or, better yet, call me!

Man up!!!


Holy crap, that was a sweet pump up movie. It made me feel awesome about being a MAN! Yeah, Y chromosome!!! I'll cut your freakin' head off!

To everyone I know IRL: Be careful around me in the next few weeks, 'cause I might just punch you in the face for no reason! Holy crap, I want a giant metal shield so I can deck people with it! I feel so good about my gender right now.

IMDB doesn't say so, but I bet this movie was a collaboration between Frank Miller and! They are both so awesome that I want to crap my pants!! Excuse me, I am going to go pop seventeen boners and wail on my guitar while porking a hot babe so hard that pirates cry in their manboobs!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Spartans are mammals.
2. Spartans fight ALL the time.
3. The purpose of the Spartan is to flip out and kill people.

The lip service to reason and freedom was fun. Of course, it's ridiculous, like a lot of things in the movie. But who cares!!

Working hard... or hardly working?

While coding this morning, I ran across a problem where the obvious solution just felt... ugly. Make the tree doubly linked? Blech. Besides seeming superfluous, it's also a lot of work. Hours, at least! So what did I do? Crack my knuckles and get coding?

Nope! I checked e-mail. I checked LiveJournal. The purpose of all this is to give my subconscious a little time to mull it over.

After a bit, I wandered over to my co-workers' office. While discussing the problem, I came up with another solution that is much more efficient and also much easier to code. Hooray! Then I went back to my desk and...

Posted in LiveJournal! After this, I think I'll read a little sci-fi. To let my subconscious be sure it's happy. Then, I'll code it up (unless it's lunch time).

So I ask you, Working hard... or hardly working?